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The original idea

A few weeks ago we saw an invitation on social networks inviting the readers of the message to join a positive movement: “Drink Water and spread the Peace”.
The basic idea of the “Drink Water and spread the Peace Campaign” is to ensure that each of us, when we drink water, at any time, pronounces (or if you prefer, mentalizes the phrase or mantra) : “The World is at peace ans do am I.”

We thought it was a wonderful idea!
We launched the 7vibes.org website by adopting this idea and proposing a common meditation every Sunday and repeating the words “The World is at peace ans do am I.” before sleep.

We would like to sincerely thank the person who came up with this idea !
The author was not mentioned in the invitation.

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Let’s share the good vibes together next Sunday 🙂
Thank you !

Thanks to Simon for his precious help in the development of the website 7vibes.org !